Smart TV Application

We provide Samsung Official Video on Demand application on Smart TV, Showtime. With more than 600+ movies and 5000+ hours of entertain video, Showtime is the industry lead Smart TV Entertainment Application in Thailand.

Mobile Application

For over three years, Wisdom Vast has been an end-to-end mobile and innovative solution provider, providing wide range of products and services. We are working closely with all leading mobile operators in Thailand to deliver complete mobile services and experience to our customers.

User Experience Design

Design experiences from beginning to end, not just individual features” is our main focus. With our domain expert on Mobile and Multi Screen technology, our design team pushes design and technology to the limit to ensure that our users get the best experience when they user our application.


As creative professionals, we are on the perpetual quest for ways and means to further enhance our understanding of the design industry. A domain which demands a quick turnaround of fresh ideas that is practical, original and impressionistic. More often than not, we pay exclusiveattention to the traditional specificities within the field of design, such as aesthetic principals/trends, typographic elements and various other technical functionalities. While these facets of the design process are undeniably crucial, it is high time designers took a step back to fully understand and absorb the structure of the design process and its subsequent application in the industry.