Wisdom Vast was founded in 2008 with desire to provide mobile content services to response the expansion of mobile usage in Thai market, which had tendencies to grow day by day. As we foresaw, the usage of mobile devices has grown enormously and become the new technological trend for the next generation.

With our passion to introduce innovative technologies to our clients, we expand our business segment to cover total solution for creating new way of increasing business and industry performance. Wisdom Vast has been an end-to-end mobile and innovative solution provider, providing wide range of products and services. We are working closely with all leading mobile operators in Thailand to deliver complete mobile services and experience to our customers. Our success comes through various advance technology, primarily mobile technology and innovative product such as QR Code, Augmented Reality, and Motion detection. The combination of new technologiesis the basis of the company's success.

Our services cover

Technology consulting focusing on mobile technology solution.

Increasing distribution channel and get closer to their customers.

Increasing ease of use to the current system.

Reducing operation time.

As a fast growing organization with systematical and flexible working style, we create wisdom through experiences. Today, we benchmark ourselves as one of the leading mobile solution provider for business and industry functions that focus to create new way of thinking in productivity improvement for business perspectives.


As creative professionals, we are on the perpetual quest for ways and means to further enhance our understanding of the design industry. A domain which demands a quick turnaround of fresh ideas that is practical, original and impressionistic. More often than not, we pay exclusiveattention to the traditional specificities within the field of design, such as aesthetic principals/trends, typographic elements and various other technical functionalities. While these facets of the design process are undeniably crucial, it is high time designers took a step back to fully understand and absorb the structure of the design process and its subsequent application in the industry.